Friday, January 1, 2010

Ted Nugent -- "Stranglehold" (1975)

Here I come again now, baby
Like a dog in heat . . .

OK, I admit it, that last post was a little girly. So there are no doubts that I am a real man, we're going to the other extreme in this post -- from Patricia Barber to Ted Nugent . . . "Motor City Madman," proud right-winger, expert bowhunter, "straight edge" role model (he disavows alcohol and drug abuse), and heavy-metal guitar GOD!

I saved the best for first on this blog --
my first post is about the greatest song ever. Ted Nugent did something very similar. After leaving the Amboy Dukes, the first cut on his first solo album is "Stranglehold," perhaps the ultimate example of guitar-solo-heavy 1970's arena rock. Not only that, he led off the song with its best two lines (quoted above).

I don't remember when I first heard this song. But I do remember an evening about 10 or 12 years ago, when for some reason I went to a local Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant with my youngest son, who was small enough to require a car seat. "Stranglehold" came on just as I was parking, and it is a song that simply does not allow you to turn the radio off until it is over, 8-plus minutes later. My son didn't actually burst into tears as a result of me singing along at the top of my lungs, using the steering wheel and my thighs as drums, and generally making a spectacle of myself -- but you could tell he was scared.

"Stranglehold" is featured on a number of movie soundtracks, including the original
Bad News Bears (I can't believe that movie was rated PG when it came out) and the ultimate teenage movie, Dazed and Confused.

Here's a link to the song on iTunes:
Ted Nugent - Ted Nugent - Stranglehold

Here's a link to the song on Stranglehold

Here's the entire song, accompanied by a very odd original video -- you keeping thinking something's going to happen, but it never does:

Here's a recording of a contemporary live performance:

By the way, don't sleep on the Amboy Dukes -- "Journey to the Center of the Mind" belongs right up there with "Incense and Peppermints" and "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night."

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