Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Kaleidoscope – "Just a Taste" (1968)

Just a taste of my good lovin’
Sweet as bread you can bake in your oven
And it’s good . . . and it’s good for you!

This article from HealthyWay.com recently popped up in my Facebook news feed:

9 Things That Are Scientifically 
Proven To Attract Women 

I don’t know about you, but I simply can not resist reading online articles about science!  So naturally I clicked on the link to this story.  (You can click here to read the entire article for yourself.)

It turns out that attracting women isn’t that hard – according to science.

Believe it or not, science says that“manspreading” is a sure way to get chicks.  From the article:

A new study suggests [that manspreading] could also make you lucky in love.  People who adopted “expansive postures”– widespread limbs and a stretched-out torso – in speed-dating situations garnered more romantic interest than those who folded their arms in “closed postures,” the researchers found.

Manspreading: it worked for Bill
The same researcher who did that study also posted pictures of men in open and closed postures on a dating site and found that those in expansive postures were more likely to generate interest from women.  In fact, 87 percent of the “yes” responses that males received from females were generated by photos showing them in an expansive posture.

So spread out, guys – and wear red when you do so.  That’s because wearing red clothing attracts women:

A study from the United Kingdom attempted to determine whether the color red could affect social signals.  Researchers took photos of several men and digitally altered the color of the men’s clothing.  When women were shown images of men in red clothes, they rated the men as “more aggressive” and more attractive.  

Ken Bone: surrounded by babes
That’s simple enough, isn’t it?  (You can best believe I’ll be looking for a snazzy red cardigan the next time I’m at my local Sears.)

*     *     *     *     *

Any guy can manspread and wear red clothing, of course.  But not every guy plays a musical instrument – which is something else that attracts women.

In a 2014 study, researchers had a young man stand on a busy street corner and ask out 300 random women who passed by.   He was empty-handed when he asked the first hundred women for a date, held a gym bag when he approached the second hundred women, and held a guitar case when he hit on the third hundred.

The guy was most successful getting dates when he was holding the guitar case.

This is very good news for me even though I can’t play a guitar.  But I do play the piano – also known as the “King of Instruments” – and it’s obvious that women would be even more attracted to pianists than to guitar players.  

Women are attracted to pianists like
flies are attracted to . . . well, you know
I’d like to see those scientists replicate that study in a hotel lobby or some other location where there’s a piano available.  Have a male pianist tickle the ivories and chat up the females who walk by him.  I’m guessing that he’ll score digits at least 90% of the time – especially if he’s wearing red and has his legs spread open as he plays.

*     *     *     *     *

I’ve saved the best part of the article for last.  

It turns out that older guys are more attractive to women.  (I’m not making this up – it’s science!)

Why is this true?

In nature, males don’t tend to live that long.  If you’re a female deer and you meet a majestic, elderly stag with a full head of antlers, odds are that potential mate is packing some healthy genes.

At the dawn of humanity, males didn’t live much past their twenties.  If women encountered a healthy male specimen who managed to beat the odds, their evolutionary psychology might push them toward attraction.  It’s all about the genes.

However, this trick doesn’t work for every male of any species.  You can’t just be old.  You also have to be sort of fit. 

85-year-old bodybuilder Jim Arrington
“Sort of” fit?  That describes me to a “T”!

*     *     *     *     *

Allmusic describes Kaleidoscope as “arguably the most eclectic band of the psychedelic era, weaving together folk, blues, Middle Eastern, and acid more often and seamlessly than any other musicians.”

The group released four albums on Epic between 1967 and 1970, then broke up.  Today they are largely forgotten, which is a real shame.  

Pulsating Dream, a 2004 compilation album, includes every song from those four albums plus every non-LP single and B-side the group recorded for Epic – including “Just a Taste.”

Here’s “Just a Taste”:

Click below to buy the song from Amazon:

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