Thursday, February 8, 2018

James Gang – "Walk Away" (1971)

You just turn your pretty head
And walk away

I recently stumbled upon an online trivia website that asked this question: “What band was Paul McCartney in before Wings?”

I’ve got a similar question for you.  What band was Joe Walsh in before the Eagles?

The James Gang
That question isn’t quite as stupid as the McCartney question, but it’s in the ballpark.

I’m not talking about Barnstorm, which was the group Walsh played in immediately before replacing Bernie Leadon in the Eagles.  (I wonder if Walsh ever thought to himself, “I’ve made a boatload of money since I joined the Eagles, but this music is crap!” when he performed with them.)

I’m talking about the James Gang, one of the great power trios of all time, and a favorite of mine when I was in college.

*     *     *     *     *

Just before their second album was released, the James Gang (who hailed from Cleveland) opened for the Who in Pittsburgh.  Pete Townsend invited the band to join the Who on their upcoming European tour largely because he was so impressed by Walsh’s playing.  

“”I was flattered beyond belief,” Walsh later said, “because I didn’t think I was that good.”

(Here a clue, there a clue,
everywhere a clue-clue . . .)

Walsh was more than good, boys and girls.  Just listen to “Walk Away,” the first track from the James Gang’s third album (which was titled Thirds) if you don’t believe me.  (That album credited Walsh with guitar, lead vocals, and “train wreck” on the song – presumably “train wreck” is what the band came up with to describe Walsh’s multi-tracked guitar playing at the end of “Walk Away.”)

Not to change the subject, but have you figured out what the theme of this year’s “29 Songs in 28 Days” is?  (How many clues do you people need, for cryin’ out loud.)

Here’s “Walk Away”:

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