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Ghoti Hook – "Sumo Surprise" (1996)

I'm a full-fledged Sumo wrestler wannabe
Even if you keep on making fun of me

The host of a talk-radio show that I listen to regularly was talking the other day about headlines that are so intriguing that you just have to read the underlying stories.

Here's one such headline:

Woman in Sumo Wrestler Suit Assaults Ex-Girlfriend in Gay Pub After She Waved at Man Dressed as a Snickers Bar

Believe it or not, that turns to be an actual headline from an Irish newspaper about an incident that took place in 2008 in Dublin.  (A story about a drunken bar fight in Ireland is not exactly man bites dog, is it?)

On, I almost forgot – the incident took place on Halloween night.  That explains the sumo wrestler outfit and Snickers bar costume.  (Sort of.)

Here’s the headline that was in Gawker:

Lady in Sumo Suit Bludgeoned Ex with Smirnoff Ice for Flirting with Man Dressed as a Candy Bar

Which headline do you think is more compelling?  

The original mentions the kind of candy bar the dude was dressed up as – a Snickers – while the Gawker headline didn’t.

But the Gawker headline used a superior verb – “bludgeoned” is clearly better than “assaulted.”

Plus Gawker identified the weapon used by the woman in the sumo outfit: a Smirnoff Ice bottle.  That’s an important detail.

From the Gawker story:

It was a crime of infinite ridiculousness: dressed in a sumo wrestling suit, Sandra Talbot assaulted her ex-girlfriend with her own girth and a bottle of Smirnoff Ice, vengeance for flirting with a man dressed as a giant Snickers bar.

A Dublin court convicted Talbot yesterday [of committing] the assault . . . on Halloween night, 2008.  Talbot was dressed as a sumo wrestler, and she ran into ex-girlfriend Adrienne Martin at a gay bar.

During the evening Talbot, who was wearing an inflatable sumo suit, bumped into Martin.  When she turned around, the accused said to her: “Keep smiling, c**t.”

(Oh my!)

Later, a man dressed as a Snickers bar began waving at her and when she went to wave back, Talbot pushed her arm from behind. . . . 

The confrontation escalated.  Talbot reached into the folds of her inflatable flesh, where she had hidden a bottle of Smirnoff Ice.

Inflatable sumo wrestler costume
 ($57.99 from halloweenexpress.com)
“The next thing, I got a blow to the left side of my head beside the temple," Ms. Martin said.  "My knees went from under me and I went down.  She walked away, laughing and sneering at me.  I had a massive lump on the side of my head.”

It’s hard to escape the scene of the crime when you’re wearing an inflatable sumo-wrestling costume.

Talbot, an aspiring tattoo artist, "was escorted out and had to be asked to partially deflate her costume so she could get out the door."

Talbot’s lawyer offered an imaginative defense, but it failed to persuade the judge:

But how did she carry the [bottle of] Smirnoff in her suit?  This mystery was at the center of Talbot's defense: . . . that she could not have fit the weapon in her sleeve due to the suit's “air-tight seal.”  But her protestations were not enough: Talbot was found guilty and fined 400 pounds.

* * * * *

“Super Sumo” was released on Ghoti Hook’s 1996 album, Sumo Surprise

That album has been described as “a pop punk CD, with a tendency toward both humor and evangelical Christianity.”  (As my mother would say, “It’s different.”)

Here’s “Super Sumo,” which sounds a little like the way Green Day would sound if they had a sense of humor:

Click below to buy the song from Amazon:

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