Sunday, May 1, 2016

blink-182 – "What's My Age Again?" (1999)

That’s about the time
That she broke up with me

* * * * *

Tom DeLonge and Scott Raynor, two of the original three members of blink-182, met when they were students at a suburban San Diego high school.  (The group’s third founding member, Mark Hoppus, was the older brother of one of their classmates.)

“What’s My Age Again?” is about a 23-year-old who doesn’t want to grow up.  (The song was originally titled “Peter Pan Complex.”)  His immature behavior costs him his girlfriend, but that doesn’t seem to bother him.  

Tom DeLonge
I don’t know if Tom DeLonge’s ancestors are French or Italian.  (“De” names can be either.)  But I’m guessing he’s eaten more than a few pizzas in San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood, which is where all the photos above were taken.

Here’s “What’s My Age Again”:

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