Sunday, March 6, 2016

Far East Movement – "Like a G6" (2010)

Like a G6, like a G6
Now I'm feelin’ so fly
Like a G6

You hoi polloi out there probably think this song is about the Pontiac G6 – the hurting mid-sized car that was Pontiac’s biggest seller when General Motors pulled the plug on the Pontiac brand in 2010.

In fact, this song is about the Gulfstream 6 – strictly speaking, the Gulfstream 650 – which is a top-of-the-line business jet that will set you back a cool $65 million.  (Heated toilet seats are extra, of course.)

Gulfstream G650
Of course, $65 million is a little steep even for most of us one-percenters.  That’s why companies like Private Jet Services exist.

Private Jet Services – PJS, for short – doesn’t own or operate G650s or other private jets.  Instead, it is a “corporate aviation consultancy” that matches up potential passengers with those who do own and operate private jets that aren’t in use 365 days a year, “providing mission-critical flight services to a global clientele of corporations, professional and collegiate athletic teams, live entertainment tours, and others who recognize the cost of their transportation is far exceeded by the cost of failure.”

For me, failure is simply not an option!  So when PJS started bombarding me with e-mails, I sat up and took notice.

The interior of a G6
Here’s the most recent e-mail I received from the company:


I hope you are well.

A very quick note to see if you are currently flying privately?

I would enjoy the opportunity to compete for your business.  I would be happy to provide a price comparison to any other provider you are currently using.

Do you have any upcoming trips?

Would you like to see our 2016 Jet Card rates?


Doug Jellison
Associate Director of Business Development

Thanks, Doug – I am quite well, as a matter of fact.  How are you?

I am not currently flying privately – currently, I am sitting at my computer writing this 2 or 3 lines post. 

I would like you to provide a price comparison to the transportation providers I am currently using – in particular, Southwest Airlines and Greyhound.

"We'll swim in the sea of endless love"
I may fly PJS to Russia so I can meet Nastasiya Klyueva, who just sent me this very enticing e-mail:

My sweetheart, come here and get all what you want from me.  I will give you all the insanity of love.  You'll rest with me on the highest peak of passion, you seem as light as a feather which you will have very little, want to continue and take more ecstasy and pleasure, and I give as much as you like, because you'll be my only and unique man who will be my master for whom I am ready on much, I can roll for you the limits allowed and surrender to you all, I will clean for you all the bans and we'll swim in the sea of passion and endless love.  You just come and get it.

Nastasiya’s English leaves a little to be desired, of course.  But no matter – she’s fluent in the language of love, and that’s the only language we’ll need.

Far East Movement
“Like a G6,” which was a huge 2010 hit for the Far East Movement, was the first single by an Asian-American  artist to reach #1 on the Billboard “Hot 100.”  It’s sold four million copies in the U.S. alone.

Here’s the official music video for “Like a G6.”  (Over 125 million views, boys and girls – that ain’t hay.)

Click below to buy the song from Amazon:

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