Friday, September 25, 2015

Lucy Angel – "Crazy Too" (2015)

Crazy makes you do the things
You swore you'd never do
Checkin' emails, checkin' details,
Calls and texts from unknown females

Lucy Angel's "Crazy Too" begins as a third-person narrative about a jealous woman who has let her boyfriend's infidelity – which may be imagined, not real – make her crazy.

The singer of the song is the guy's current girlfriend, whose jealousy of the "unknown females" who are calling, texting, and e-mailing her boyfriend is driving her crazy, too.

Those "unknown females" are probably just the boyfriend's sisters or cousins or that sweet old nun who was his favorite teacher back in parochial school.

The eHarmony online dating service's website offers advice on a variety of relationship issues, including what Shakespeare's Iago called "the green-eyed monster" – jealousy. 

Here's what eHarmony has to say on the subject of jealousy:

Has your jealousy gone too far?  It has if:
(1) You find yourself constantly checking up on your man’s Facebook or Twitter page.
(2) You can’t stop yourself from checking his call history and listening to his phone messages behind his back.
(3) You constantly call or text him during the day just to find out where he is.

The "Crazy Too" woman should have listened to eHarmony instead of letting jealousy push her off the deep end.  But she didn't.  

And what happens when a woman in a country song has a beef with her man?  Sure as shootin', she keys the poor guy's car.

"Crazy Too" is not the first country record about a pissed-off woman who keys a dude's car.

Click here to read about a Carrie Underwood song about a woman who takes her anger out on her boyfriend's pickup truck.  (In this nasty little ditty, the "heroine" also carves her name into the truck's leather seats, slashes all four of its tires, and uses a Louisville Slugger on its headlights.)

Of course, having your car keyed isn't the worst thing that a woman can do to a guy.  Click here to read about the Carrie Underwood song where a woman gets revenge on a man by using her black Cadillac to pin him against a brick wall and then giving the Caddy the gas.  

(Imagine the cries of outrage that would be cried if these songs featured an angry male character who was trashing his promiscuous girlfriend's car. . . or, worse yet, using that car to smash her against a brick wall.  But when the characters' genders are reversed, it's a whole different story.)

The protagonist of "Crazy Too" blames her boyfriend for her condition: "You've done made me crazy," she sings to him.

Sorry, lady.  It's time to stop blaming other people for your craziness.  You've made yourself crazy.

You need to listen to the folks at eHarmony and stop worrying about your man's Facebook page.  Quit sniffing around his e-mails and text messages.  

Everyone knows that almost all men are monogamous by nature – right?  The odds are like a zillion to one against your boyfriend being up to anything.  So why obsess over it?

Lucy Angel is not the name of the singer of "Crazy Too" as you might think.  It's the name of a country-music trio consisting of Kate Anderton and her daughters Lindsay and Emily.

The three Andertons have been performing together for a decade, but had not released an album until earlier this year.  "Crazy Too" is the first single from that eponymous debut album.

Here's "Crazy Too," by Lucy Angel:

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