Sunday, February 1, 2015

Katy Perry (ft. Kanye West) – "E.T." (2011)

Kiss me, kiss me
Infect me with your loving
Fill me with your poison

I used to think that Katy Perry was a completely generic pop star – someone who came right off the teen-idol assembly line.

But Katy's got a little more going for her than I thought.  You don't sell 11 million albums and 81 million singles and get picked to headline a Super Bowl halftime show if you're completely devoid of talent and brains.

Katy is listed as at least a co-writer on most of her big hits.  Some people say she doesn't contribute that much to most of the songs she records, while others give her more credit than that for her songwriting.

Kanye West and Katy Perry
Of course, she's no Kanye West.  Once I saw that Yeezus had contributed to "E.T.," it was a no-brainer for me to feature their collaboration today. 

The following lines could have been written by no one other than Mr. Kim Kardashian:

Tell me what's next – alien sex?
Ima disrobe you
Then Ima probe you

According to the Urban Dictionary, "Ima" – which is short for "I am going to" – is the only triple elision in the English language.  ("I am going to" = "I'm going to" = "I'm gonna" = "Ima.")

Do these lines from Kanye's "E.T." verse remind you of anything?

I know a bar out in Mars
When they driving spaceships
Instead of cars

How about these lines from Blondie's 1980 hit, "Rapture"?

'Cause the man from Mars 
Is through with cars
He's eatin' bars

This post is scheduled to appear at precisely 6:30 pm – which is the official start time for Super Bowl XLIX.  (I'm rooting for the Patriots because I think Tom Brady is dreamy!)

Here's "E.T.," which is the second-biggest-selling single of Katy Perry's career.  It  sold five million digital copies in 2011 and spent five weeks as the #1 song on the Billboard "Hot 100" chart:

Click below to buy the song from Amazon:

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