Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cracker – "Low" (1993)

Blue, blue is the sun
Brown, brown is the sky
Green, green were her eyes
A million miles, a million miles

David Lowery co-founded Low in 1991 after his previous band, Camper Van Beethoven, broke up.  In 1999, he reformed Camper Van Beethoven, which released a cover of the hugely successful Fleetwood Mac album, Tusk, in 2002.  (I've never heard of a cover album before.)

Lowery also owns a recording studio, a record company, and a publishing company.  And he's a trained mathematician who has worked as a "quant" (which is a financial analyst and trader who relies primarily on mathematical and statistical analysis).  

"Low" was the first track on Cracker's 1993 album, Kerosene Hat.  It's a fabulous song.

The lines quoted above fit with one of this year's "29 Posts in 28 Days" theme – or do they?  If that was the theme I was relying on, this song would have been featured on an even-numbered date.  (Confused?)

These are my favorite lines from the song:

Hey, don't you wanna go down
Like some disgraced cosmonaut

Sandra Bernhard
Here's the "Low" video, which features Lowery as a boxer who gets the crap beat out of him by the always provocative actress/comedienne Sandra Bernhard.  (If you've never seen Bernhard in The King of Comedy and Without You I'm Nothing, what are you waiting for?)

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