Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bar-Kays -- "Soul Finger" (1967)

Like Booker T. & the M.G.'s, the Bar-Kays were a group of studio musicians who backed a number of Stax Records artists -- including Otis Redding -- and also released records under their own name.  Several of the band's members perished in the 1967 plane crash that killed Redding.

(A number of legendary musicians have died in airplane crashes, but Redding was clearly the most talented of them.)

The surviving members (including the legendary bass player, James Alexander) rebuilt the band and continued to play on Stax recordings, including Isaac Hayes' Hot Buttered Soul.

The Bar-Kays first single was "Soul Finger," which was recorded before the Redding plane crash, and which made it to #17 on the Billboard "Hot 100" chart in 1967.  It features a chorus of neighborhood kids, who were told to shout out the song's title when directed, and were reportedly paid with bottles of Coca-Cola.

Here's "Soul Finger," which is a silly-bazilly song:

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