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Trey Songz (feat. Nicki Minaj) -- "Bottoms Up" (2010)

Can I get that 'Tron?
Can I get that Remy?
Can I get that Coke?
Can I get that Henny?
Trey?  I was like, Yo Trey!
Do you think you can buy me a bottle of rosé?

It's only a few more days until 2 or 3 lines kicks off what has become an eagerly-awaited February tradition: "29 Posts in 29 Days."  (Most years, it's 28 days, of course-- but this is a leap year.)  

Right now, you're probably feeling a bit like Tony and Maria did in West Side Story -- the minutes seem like hours . . . the hours go so slowly . . . and still the calendar says January

Our last few January posts are going to feature several of the best rap songs from 2010 -- I meant to write about all of them last year, but time has a way of getting away from me sometimes.

The first 2 or 3 lines post after "29 Posts in 29 Days" will feature the absolutely, positively best hip-hop track from 2011 -- let's see if any of you can correctly guess what it's going to be.

Trey Songz
"Bottoms Up" was a monster hit by Trey Songz.  It's a pretty generic hip-hop song about a good-looking guy with lots of money (his sobriquet for himself is "Mr. Steal Yo' Girl") who has gone to a club in search of young lovelies.  

Like a Boy Scout, Trey's motto is "Be prepared" -- he's prepared with sufficient cash to get those babes drunk out of their minds.  
Bottoms up, bottoms up
Pocket full of green
Girl, you know I love the way 
You shake it in them jeans
Yes, Trey loves the way the hotties in the club shake it in them jeans, but he likes it even more when they are shaking it sans them jeans.
What elevates "Bottoms Up" into the top echelon of recent rap songs is the presence of Nicki Minaj, who is making a habit out of absolutely stealing the show whenever she contributes a verse to another star's song.  That is exactly what she does here.

The chorus of "Bottoms Up" begins with these lines:

Bottoms up, bottoms up
Hey, what's in your cup?
Got a couple of bottles
But a couple ain't enough

Nicki Minaj in
"Bottoms Up"
That turns out to be the understatement of the century when Mr. Steal Yo' Girl runs into a platinum-blonde Nicki at the club.  They are a match made in . . . well, certainly not heaven.  (Maybe the other place?)  He's shallow and self-centered and really, really drunk, and so is she.

In the first lines of the verse she contributes to "Bottoms Up" (which are quoted at the beginning of this post), Nicki asks for a rather pricey alcohol smörgåsbord: Patrón tequila ($52.95 a bottle and up), Rémy Martin cognac ($31.99 for the VSOP), Hennessy cognac ($49.95 for the VSOP), and last but certainly not least, Dom Pérignon Rosé champagne ($300 and up, depending on the vintage).

Nicki's a very busy women, so she doesn't waste a lot of time when she goes to a club -- she gets right down to business when a potential suitor approaches her:

I don't say "Hi"
I say "Keys to the Benz?"    

Nicki's verse ends with some very odd lines about the late Anna Nicole Smith:

Yellin' all around the world
Do you hear me?
Do you like my body?
Anna Nicki
Rest in peace to Anna Nicole Smith
Yes, my dear, you're so explosive
Say hi to Mary, Mary and Joseph
Now bottoms up
And double my doses!

The "Do you like my body?" line is a reference to the late Anna Nicole Smith's appearance on the "American Music Awards" television broadcast in 2004, when she threw up her hands and asked the audience, "Like my body?"  Her slurred speech and bizarre behavior led to speculation that she was under the influence of some kind of drugs -- perhaps prescription painkillers.

Here's Anna Nicole's appearance.  I'm guessing someone doubled her doses earlier that evening:

Here's the official music video for "Bottoms Up."  (Almost 54 million views!)  Nikki's verse begins at 2:43 of the video, and I don't blame you a bit if you skip ahead to that point in the video -- that woman is a force of nature, boys and girls.

Here's a link you can use to order "Bottoms Up" from Amazon:

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