Monday, February 6, 2017

Brass Ring – "Dis-Advantages of You" (1967)

La la la la la la la la 
La la la la la la la la 
La la la la la la la

We’re going to do things a little differently today – we’re going to listen to our featured song first, and then read about it.

Here’s “The Dis-Advantages of You”:

If you’re as old as I am, that song is very familiar to you.  But do you know why?

“The Dis-Advantages of You” was the theme music for a famous ad campaign for Benson & Hedges cigarettes, whose manufacturer attempted to distinguish it from the competition by emphasizing its length, which was 100 millimeters.  (Cigarettes were originally 70 mm long.  Then king-size cigarettes were introduced – they were 85 mm long, but most of the difference was attributable to the addition of a filter, not additional tobacco.)

Benson & Hedges commercials were all over network television in the late sixties.  But Congress passed a law banning cigarette advertising on TV that went into effect on January 2, 1971.  (Virginia Slims ran one final TV ad on The Tonight Show at 11:59 pm on January 1 of that year.)

Here’s an example of a Benson & Hedges “disadvantages” TV spot:

“The Dis-Advantages of You” was written by Mitch Leigh a famous radio/TV jingle composer who also wrote the score for Man of La Mancha (which included “The Impossible Dream”).  

The record sounds a little bit like it might have been done by the Tijuana Brass, but it was recorded by the Brass Ring, a group of New York City studio musicians led by saxophonist Phil Bodner.  The group recorded eight studio albums between 1966 and 1970.

“The Dis-Advantages of You” first appeared on the Billboard “Hot 100” chart on February 4.  It eventually peaked at #36.

Once again, here’s “The Dis-Advantages of You”:

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