Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Ones – "Lady Greengrass" (1967)

Puff  . . . the trees turn tangerine
Puff  . . . the sky is suddenly green

* * * * *

Edgar Froese, who was born in Germany on D-Day, was 21 when he founded The Ones.  “Lady Greengrass” was the A-side of the group’s only recording.

The Ones once played at Salvador Dali’s villa in Spain.  His meeting with Dali inspired Froese to disband The Ones and put together Tangerine Dream, a much more experimental group.

Tangerine Dream, one of the first krautrock bands, has released over one hundred albums.  

Froese died suddenly in January 2015.  Tangerine Dream’s first public performance without him will take place in Berlin in September.

Here’s “Lady Greengrass”:

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