Friday, April 1, 2016

Sisqó – "Thong Song" (1999)

Baby, I know you wanna show
That thong, thong, thong, thong, thong!

In the last 2 or 3 lines, we learned that – according to the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs – men pay 29% less for underwear than women.  

I doubt that actor Damian Lewis was trying to save money when he wore women’s underwear while making the 2008 movie, The Escapist.

From a recent New Yorker profile of Lewis:

In trying to “unlock” a character, [Lewis] often zeroes in on a single fine-grained physical attribute. . . . In order to differentiate his character’s walk in “The Escapist,” he shot the entire film wearing a woman’s thong.

I suppose each of these guys is also
 differentiating his character's walk?
I’m not buying Lewis’s explanation.  I don’t believe for a minute that he wore a thong to differentiate his character’s manner of walking – although it's absolutely true that wearing a woman’s thong will put a little hitch in a man’s giddy-up.  (Any guy will tell you the same thing.)

I’ve had a problem with Damian Lewis since season one of Homeland.  He didn’t deserve to get Claire Danes.  I was glad his ass got hanged by the Iranians in season three.

Damian Lewis and Claire Danes
Lewis is from a very fancy British family.  From the New Yorker profile:

“He had a very curious way of getting dressed, my dad,” Lewis recalled.  “He would put his shirt on, then his boxer shorts, and then his socks . . . and then he would put his Gucci loafers on with this long shoehorn with a little golf ball on top, and then put his pants on.”

He put his pants on after he put his Gucci loafers on?  Why in the world would you do that?  And how in hell do you get your trousers over your shoes, unless you have VERY small feet.  (Ahem.)

Lewis sounds like he’s totally full of it.  More from the New Yorker profile:

“I think probably my deepest fantasy is that I will have money enough and time enough, that I won’t get so caught up in the rat race to succeed, that I’ll just take time out to create an artistic salon with a pool and a tennis court and a gorgeous country house, and glamorous and brilliant friends will come and spend a weekend there,” he said.  “It’s what I long for.”

Have you ever heard such bullsh*t?  Gag me with a spoon . . . really.

Look at that smirk on his puss:

(Damian, please get a dinner jacket that fits.  Your shirt should not be showing below your buttoned jacket button.)

By the way, the back cover of the New Yorker issue that included the Damian Lewis profile was an advertisement for Lewis’s new Showtime series, Billions (which looks like a total ripoff of Wolf of Wall Street).  I’m sure that was no coincidence.  Et tu, New Yorker?

“Thong Song” was a huge hit in 1999 for Sisqó (who was born Mark Andrews).  Here’s the official music video for “Thong Song”:

Click below to buy the song from Amazon:

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