Saturday, December 26, 2015

Capitol Steps – "We Didn't Start Satire" (2011)

Clinton made a big mess
Who’d have thought she’d keep the dress?

The last 2 or 3 lines featured a song by the Capitol Steps, which has been a comedic institution here in Washington, DC, since the group was formed in 1981.  If one post about the Capitol Steps is good, two posts about the Capitol Steps is twice as good – right?

The Capitol Steps
I moved to Washington in 1977, but I never saw a Capitol Steps show until a week ago.  The group closed that show with a number called “We Didn’t Start Satire,” a parody of “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” which was a #1 hit for Billy Joel in 1989.   

Here are the names of the politicians and other newsworthy figures who are mentioned in “We Didn’t Start Satire” (which is barely three minutes long): 

– Ronald Reagan
– Mikhail Gorbachev
– Lorena Bobbitt
– Walter Mondale
– Fidel Castro
– Fawn Hall

Oliver North's secretary, Fawn Hall
– Marion Barry 
– George H. W. Bush
– Al Haig
– Mike Dukakis
– Dan Quayle
– Pee Wee Herman
– O. J. Simpson
– Clarence Thomas
– Ross Perot
– Amy Fisher
– Tonya Harding

Ice skater Tonya Harding
– Bob Dole (“Sold pills that made you stiff”)
– Saddam Hussein
– Bill Clinton
– Monica Lewinsky

Bill and Monica
– Michael Jackson
– George W. Bush
– Al Gore
– Dick Cheney
– the “Dream Team”
– Howard Dean
– Strom Thurmond
– John Kerry
– Teddy Kennedy
– the “Unabomber”
– the “Octomom”

The "Octomom" then
The "Octamom" now
– Hans Blix
– Bill Frist
– Barack Obama (“Black guy, white momma”)
– Rod Blagojevich
– Justin Bieber
– Tiger Woods
– Larry Craig
– Bernie Madoff
– Tom DeLay 
– John McCain
– Mark Sanford (“A governor looks for tail on the Appalachian Trail”).

Gov. Mark Sanford and his Argentine "soul mate"
Here’s “We Didn’t Start Satire.”  Just think of it as a belated Christmas present from your friends at 2 or 3 lines.

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