Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lit – "Miserable" (1999)

You make me come
You make me complete
You make me completely miserable

Until a couple of weeks ago, I had never heard of Lit, an Orange County band that released the first of its five studio albums in 1997.

I had certainly heard "My Own Worst Enemy," Lit's biggest hit single, which reached #1 on the Billboard "Modern Rock Tracks" chart in 1999 and which was featured in the previous 2 or 3 lines.  But I couldn't have named the band that recorded it if you had put a gun to my head.

Lit is a pretty generic band – I've heard better, and I've heard worse.  But I've rarely heard worse than today's featured song, the aptly-titled "Miserable," which I heard for the first (and hopefully last) time on a recent bike ride.

Lit: bad clothes, bad hair, bad tattoos, bad music
"Miserable" (which was Lit's second-biggest single) would be a completely forgettable (and forgotten) song but for the tasteless (and unfunny) play on words contained in the lyrics quoted above.  (Those lyrics are repeated several times just in case you are the world's dumbest human being and didn't get it the first time you heard it.)

One other note about Lit: its song "Addicted" is such a ripoff of the Offspring's brilliant 1994 hit, "Self Esteem," that Lit should still be blushing with shame.

Here's "Miserable."  Feel free to stop listening after the first 20 seconds.  In fact, I would encourage you to stop at that point.  (Life is short, and it would be a sin to waste four minutes of your life listening to the entirety of "Miserable.") [NOTE: I crossed out the previous text after watching the video, which features a magnificent 50-foot-tall Pam Anderson and should definitely be watched in its entirety – although you might want to mute the audio after the first 20 seconds.]

Click below to buy the song from "Amazon."  (Hey, it's your money.)

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