Sunday, December 14, 2014

Jason Tobias -- "Stand With Hillary" (2014)

And through it all
She's a loving wife

Today's featured song is a little different than the other songs that have been featured on 2 or 3 lines.

"Stand With Hillary" was never released on an LP or CD or eight-track tape.  You won't hear it played on the radio.

That's because it was written by veteran political operative Miguel Orozco for the "Stand With Hillary" super PAC he co-founded to support the political candidacy of Hillary Clinton.  

(For those of you who have better things to do than pay attention to politics, a "super PAC" is a variety of political action committee that doesn't give money to candidates directly, but who independently raise money to spend on political advertising.)

In 2008, Orozco was writing songs for Barack Obama's campaign.  Here's one of them, "Viva Obama," which encouraged Hispanic voters in Texas to vote for Obama in that state's March 4 Presidential primary:

Jason Tobias is an actor who was hired to appear in the "Stand With Hillary" music video because someone thought he looked like a country music star.  (Jason has a regular gig on "Blood Relatives," which is a Discovery Channel re-enactment show about people who are murdered by their family members.)

But Jason didn't record the song – he's just lip-synching (badly) in the video.  He told the Washington Post that the singer was identified to him only as "T. Wilson."

Jason Tobias
"T. Wilson" is a smart guy.  Because "Stand with Hillary" is not a song that you want on your resumé if you aspire to have a successful recording career.  

When I started watching it, I assumed it was a joke – I kept waiting for the punchline.

But the punchline never came.  That's because this song is serious.

Let's go ahead and watch the "Stand With Hillary" video right now:

A lot of males have a problem with Hillary Clinton.  Rush Limbaugh once observed that she reminds guys of their ex-wives, while Tucker Carlson commented that "when she comes on television, I involuntarily cross my legs."

Even dyed-in-the-wool liberal males acknowledge that Hillary doesn't have much appeal to voters with testicles.  For example, MSNBC's Chris Matthews – a dyed-in-the-wool liberal who famously said that he got a "thrill up my leg" when he listened to Barack Obama's acceptance speech at the 2008 Democratic convention – called Hillary's male supporters "castratos in the eunuch chorus." 

(A Hillary nutcracker makes
a great stocking stuffer!)
But Miguel Orozco believes that this song is going to make white male country-music fans who  wear cowboy hats and drive pickup trucks get all warm and fuzzy about Hillary Clinton.  After all, men love their mothers, daughters, and wives, and Hillary is all three of those:

I been thinking' about one great lady
Like the women in my life, 
She's a mother, a daughter,
And through it all
She's a loving wife  

I admit that I am not objective when it comes to Hillary Clinton.  I've never been a fan of hers.  (At least Hillary is an actual woman, unlike certain First Ladies.  Click on this link to see what I mean.) 

But I think even those of you who are Hillary supporters will find yourself wondering what in the hell were they thinking when they made this video.  Selling redneck males on Hillary's candidacy may be a tougher job than selling ice to Eskimos.  

The "Stand With Hillary" video is as big a head-scratcher as a gangsta rap song urging African-Americans to get on the Mitt Romney bandwagon would be.

But there is one song that beats out even "Stand With Hillary" when it comes to chutzpah and cluelessness:

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