Sunday, March 9, 2014

Who -- "Pictures of Lily" (1967)

Pictures of Lily made my life so wonderful
Pictures of Lily helped me sleep at night

A couple of years, we rescued a very sweet female yellow Lab from the local animal shelter.  We were very fortunate to visit the shelter the day she was dropped off there -- otherwise, she would have been snapped up by another family.

After considerable discussion of possible names did not result in anything resembling a consensus, we decided to keep the name she already had -- which was Lily.

There was some debate as to how to spell that name, but I insisted that Lily was the only possible spelling.  It's fortunate that my view prevailed -- otherwise, this 2 or 3 lines wouldn't work quite as well.

Lily is a rather delicate-sounding name for our big lug of a dog, who weighs 60-plus pounds and moves with all the finesse of the proverbial bull in a china shop.

Lily's most notable characteristic is her unqualified goodwill.  She has never met a human or a canine who wasn't her friend.  (Cats?  Not so much.)

Lily knows how to relax.  She spends 99% of her day sleeping, and her brain obviously perceives the entire house as one big bed:

For a Lab, she's not that great a swimmer:

My daughter recently got an adorable chocolate Lab puppy named Remington (after the shotgun), and Lily and Remy are best friends:

"Pictures of Lily" was released by the Who as a single in 1967.  It was a top five hit in the UK, but didn't make it into the top forty in the U.S.  

It appeared on the Who's 1968 compilation album, Magic Bus, and later on the better-known compilation album Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy, which was released in 1971.  

The Who's bass player, John Entwhistle, once explained the meaning of "Pictures of Lily" thusly: "It's all about wanking."  Indeed.  (Entwhistle contributed the distinctive French horn solo to "Pictures of Lily.")

(That's it for this post.  "He really phoned in that one," I hear one of you saying.  Yes, I did -- didn't I?  I've got a lot of stuff going on right now, boys and girls, and while I will NEVER miss a 2 or 3 lines deadline, I'm not going to kid you -- not every post can be above average.  Posting a bunch of dog pictures was easy to do, and I knew it would please all my dog-loving female readers -- and since that is pretty much the only kind of readers I've got, that's what I did.  So take it or leave it.  Anyone who's unhappy can get a full refund of the subscription price.)

Here's "Pictures of Lily":

Click below if you'd like to buy the song from Amazon:

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