Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jay-Z -- "22 Two's" (1996)

Too much West Coast d*ck-licking
And too many niggas on a mission
Doin' your best Jay-Z rendition
Too many rough m*therf*ckers
I got my suspicions
That you're just a fish in a pool of sharks, nigga
Too many bitches wanna be ladies
So if you a ho, I'm gonna call you a ho
Too many bitches are shady
Too many ladies give these niggas 
Too many chances
Too many brothers wannabe lovers 
Don't know what romance is
Too many bitches stuck up from 
Too many sexual advances
No question! Jay-Z got too many answers
I been around this block too many times
Rocked too many rhymes
Cocked too many nines, too
To all my brothers
It ain't too late to come together
Cause too much black 
And too much love equal forever
I don't follow any guidelines 
'Cause too many niggas ride mine
So I change styles every two rhymes, ha!
That's 22 two's for y'all m*therf*ckers out there

From his debut album, Reasonable Doubt.  (Some people believe he never did a better album.)

If you count "together," he actually used too/to/two 23 times in that verse.

Here's "22 Two's":

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