Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sonic Youth -- "Shoot" (1992)

I won't be asking your permission to leave
I won't be asking not to have this baby please

Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon (the founders of Sonic Youth) have been married since 1984.  But a lot of Gordon's songs -- including this one -- don't sound like they were written by a happily married woman.  

I like Gordon's singing, but there are times -- "Shoot" is an example -- when there is only a distant relationship between the key in which the band is playing and the key in which she is singing.  (I don't think this is by accident.)

Kim Gordon
I would have loved to get up into the mountains when I was in Denver last month, but I was occupied by business until about 5 p.m. each day I was there.  That limited how far away from my hotel I could drive and still have time for a nice long hike.  

After hiking along the High Line Canal my first two evenings in Denver, I decided to get out of the city my third day there.  I drove about 30 miles west to Matthews/Winters Park, which covers about 1000 acres in Jefferson County, Colorado, just south of Golden (the home of Coors beer).

The trail I decided to hike there -- the "Red Rocks Trail" had plenty of ups and downs to provide a good workout, especially given that I was never below 6000 feet.

I started at F1 on this map and followed the Red Rocks Trail to F6.  I covered about 5 miles in a little less than two hours.

Near the beginning of the trail, there's a small pioneer cemetery:

The outbound part of the hike was mostly uphill:

There were some nice views of red rock formations:

There were plenty of wildflowers, of course, like this blanket flower (Gaillardia aristata):

There will be plenty of Colorado wildflower photos for you to enjoy a little later.

Here's "Shoot" -- and here's a link to the complete lyrics for this song.  I'd suggest you follow along as you listen to the music:

Here's a link you can use to order this song from Amazon:

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