Saturday, July 3, 2010

T.I. -- "What You Know" (2006)

I got key by the three
When I chirp, shawty chirp back
Louis knapsack
Where I'm holdin' all the work at
What you know about that?
I was a little late to the party as far as T.I. goes.  I first heard this song (which was a huge hit in 2006 -- it won the Grammy as "Best Rap Solo Performance" that year) a couple of days ago.  I did get the Paper Trail CD from the library last year, and "Whatever You Like" quickly went into heavy rotation on my iPod.  But this is a much better song -- it is very, very strong.
Of course everything about "What You Know" is despicable.  (From what I can tell, just about everything about T.I. is despicable.)  The song glorifies drugs, violence, misogynism, conspicuous consumption, and wasting energy.  I don't care.  Listening to it puts me into a drooling Beavis-and-Buttheadesque trance.  It makes me want to be T.I. like I want to be Derek Jeter. 
Speaking of baseball, did you know that the Minnesota Twins play this song whenever Joe Mauer comes to bat?  He's won three batting titles and an MVP with "What You Know" as his personal theme song.  (It doesn't exactly fit his personality, but you could say that "Sandman" doesn't really fit Mariano Rivera's personality either.)
Here's the official video:

There are several "What You Know About Math" parody videos out there.  Here are a couple:

And just because it's such a good song, here's "Whatever You Like" -- no charge:

If you want to buy "What You Know" from iTunes, click here:

If you want to buy it from Amazon, click here:

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