Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Modest Mouse -- "I've Got It All (Most)" (2009)

How can someone inconsistent
Mess up so consistently?

That is a VERY good question, and one for which I have no answer.

This is not necessarily my second-favorite song on the No One's First, And You're Next CD, but this line resonated with me. So this is the song I chose to feature in my account of day two of my Cape Cod Rail Trail ride. (Click here to read about day one of the trip.)

I started off at Seymour Pond (mile 6) and rode a little over 10 miles to the Cape Cod National Seashore visitors' center, where there's a spur trail that takes you to Nauset Bay and Coast Guard Beach:

Most Cape Cod towns are named after English towns: e.g., Chatham, Harwich, Sandwich, Truro, Yarmouth.  I'm not sure how a French name sneaked in:

As this photo of the aptly-named "Dead Man's Curve" so dramatically illustrates, the devilishly twisty and hilly CCRT provides a technical and cardiovascular challenge for even the most skilled cyclist:

Cobie's is one of a number of classic Cape Cod clam shacks along the CCRT:

The daily special at Cobie's was tempting:

But I opted for a traditional "Ye Olde Cape Codde" ground beef and guacamole burrito here instead:  

I had planned to ride the northernmost third of the CCRT the following day, but woke up with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, which hits me every couple of years.  I could barely walk that day, so riding a bike would not have been a good idea.

Here's a Youtube video featuring the song -- not sure what all the Nazi stuff is for:

Here's a link to "I've Got It All (Most)" on iTunes:

If you prefer Amazon, click here:

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