Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Yum Yum Tree – "Calvary" (2000)

You say a picture's worth a thousand words
So I cut the head off all the photographs

Well, well . . . I guess that's pretty plain, isn't it?

Show me a song whose singer is really pissed-off, and I'll show you a song that meets one of the important criteria for greatness.  Especially if the singer is a girl.

You would have to search far and wide to find a more pissed-off girl singer than the one in today's featured song.

"Calvary" is the first track on a compilation album titled Workers Comp, which was released in 2000.  I've been unable to find out much about most of the bands represented on the album.

Yum Yum Tree consisted of three women (singer Jenn Sweetheart, singer/guitarist Dawn Black, and singer/bassist Vanessa Godson) and a male drummer (Adam Paterson).

They released an album titled Trendy on the Girlie label in 1995.  That album did not include "Calvary," but did include songs titled "Die Barney Die," "Sodomy," and "G*ddamn F*cker," which I'm guessing are pretty pissed-off songs, too.

Yum Yum Tree also had a song on a 1998 compilation CD that featured groups from Brooklyn:

It appears they released a four-song EP CD at some point:

That's pretty much all there is about Yum Yum Tree on the Internet.  I doubt that anyone who reads this will know anything about the band.  But if you do, please contact me. 

Click below to hear "Calvary":

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