Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dead Weather -- "The Difference Between Us" (2010)

One day I'm happy and healthy
Next I ain't doing so well

I love 2 or 3 lines more than I should.  But let's face it: I ain't gonna need this house that much longer, and -- after my children -- my wildly successful little blog may be the most important thing I'll leave behind.  (I guess I can live with that.)

Jack White is the leader in the clubhouse when it comes to songs featured on 2 or 3 lines.  (If you don't know what "leader in the clubhouse" means, get on your Google machine and look it up -- I'm leaving on vay-cay at oh-dark-hundred hours tomorrow, and I don't have time to do everything for you!) 

So far, 2 or 3 lines has featured ten songs by the White Stripes, a song by the Raconteurs, a Jack White/Loretta Lynn duet, and songs from each of Jack White's two solo albums.

Dead Weather
But somehow we've overlooked Dead Weather, the latter-day supergroup that White put together in 2009, even though "The Difference Between Us" is as compelling a song as anything White has recorded.

If you aren't familiar with 2 or 3 lines a day, you're in for a treat, bitches!  2 or 3 lines a day was a daily blog I did in 2011 -- that's right, 365 posts in 365 days.  

Writing three posts a week for 2 or 3 lines plus a post every effing day for 2 or 3 lines a day purt near killed me, boys and girls.  So I pulled the plug on 2 or 3 lines a day on January 1, 2012.

The final 2 or 3 lines a day post featured some lines from Semisonic's "Closing Time":

Closing time
Every new beginning
Comes from some other beginning's end

Just think about that, dude.  To paraphrase John Lennon, "Closing Time" is . . . so . . . HEAVY!  In the words of Casey Kasem, "It's ponderous, man . . . f*cking ponderous!"  

"The Difference Between Us" was released on Dead Weather's second album, Sea of Cowards, in 2010.  It was co-written by Jack White and Alicia Mosshart, the lead vocalist of The Kills.  (White recruited Mosshart for Dead Weather after The Kills toured with White's other other band, the Raconteurs, in 2008.)

Here's "The Difference Between Us":

Click below to buy the song from Amazon:  

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