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Lil Wayne (feat. Drake) -- "Right Above It" (2010)

Hip-hop, I'm the heart of that
Nigga, nothin' short of that
President Carter, Young Money Democrat

What sets Lil Wayne apart from other rappers is his joie de vivre -- is there anyone in the world of hip-hop who enjoys his work more?

"Right Above It," which was a top 10 hit for Lil Wayne in 2010, features the dazzling  wordplay that is characteristic of his raps.  You think you can listen to this song once and figure it out? all the  Fuhgeddaboutit, dude -- he's like a hummingbird, flitting  from one pun and allusion and double entendre to another.  

Here's a YouTube video of "Right Above It" that gives you the lyrics.  I suggest that you listen to the song, following along with the lyrics as you listen, before we go any further.

Let's talk about just a few of the lines from "Right Above It."

In the first verse -- which is performed by Weezy's label mate and protégé, Drake, who's a pretty big deal in the world of hip-hop right now -- we learn that Drake is a fan of the movie Slumdog Millionaire:
This that "Slumdog Millionaire" Bollywood flow
My real friends never hear it from me
Fake friends write the wrong answers on the mirror for me

Drake then waxes existential about our essential alienation from our fellow man:
We walk the same path
But got on different shoes
Live in the same building
But we got different views
A little later, we learn that Drake either prefers married women to single women, thinks that two chicks are better than one, or thinks that two married women are better than one -- or all of the above.
Don't like my women single
I like my chicks in twos
But Drake's verse is just a warmup for the main event.  When Lil Wayne takes over the microphone, all hell breaks loose lyrically:

Guns turn you boys into pussies: sex change

(Lil Wayne shows his disdain for his enemies by calling them "boys" instead of "men."  He then belittles their masculinity even further. "Pussy" has multiple meanings, of course.  It is slang for the female genitalia, and also slang for a coward.  Pulling a gun on a man may "unman" him -- in other words, cause him to act like a woman.  It's as if he has undergone a sex-change operation.  Of course, a gun can also be utilized to perform a sex-change operation in a more literal sense.  But let's not go there.)

Skinny pants and some Vans
Call me Triple-A, get my advance in advance, Amen

Lil Wayne in Vans
(Most rappers don't go for tight jeans and skateboarder shoes, but the look works for Lil Wayne.  If he was a corporate bond, Lil Wayne would undoubtedly be rated AAA -- he's sitting on a lot of cash -- but the triple-A reference here may relate to his practice of insisting that concert promoters give him his advance in advance, which minimizes any ugly money squabbles later.  Amen!)
Life is a beach, I'm just playin' in the sand
(You've no doubt heard the old line, "Life is a bitch -- and then you marry one."  Life is a beach -- not a bitch -- for young Mr. Carter.)

I'm on a paper trail and ain't no tellin' where it took me
And I ain't a killer, but don't push me

Lil Wayne
(Paper Trail is the title of T.I.'s 2008 album, and Lil Wayne was featured on a hit single from that album.  Actually, we can tell exactly "where it took me" -- both Lil Wayne and T.I. went to prison after Paper Trail's release.  "I ain't a killer, but don't push me" is a line from Tupac Shakur's "Hail Mary.")

I can hand it to Drake or do a quarterback draw
Wildcat offense, check the paw prints
(Lil Wayne knows a little about football, it seems.  Not surprisingly, he's the quarterback of the team.)

Damn where you stumbled at?
From where they make gumbo at?

(They make gumbo in New Orleans, of course, and Weezy is proud to be from NOLA.)
Kane got the beat 
Jumpin' like a jumpin' jack
And you know me
I get on this bitch and have a heart attack
(Lil Wayne acknowledges his producer, Kane Beatz, who also produced "Bottoms Up" by Trey Songz -- which was featured on 2 or 3 lines a few days ago.  Wayne jumps on Kane's beat and works himself into a frenzy -- his frantic and energetic performing style resembles the writhing of a man suffering a heart attack while he is having sex.)
President Carter, Young Money Democrat

(Lil Wayne's real last name is Carter -- and he is the founder and former president of his record label, Young Money Entertainment.)

The "Young Money Entertainment" logo
There's a lot more here -- I've just scratched the surface.  Click here for Rap Genius's line-by-line explanation of the lyrics to "Right Above It."

So what do you think about Lil Wayne now?

A.  I'm a big fan
B.  I don't get it
C.  Someone should wash his mouth out with soap
D.  I think 2 or 3 lines is trying a little too hard to be hip and relevant with all these posts about rap songs -- he should grow up.

(Hint: D is definitely NOT the correct answer -- OK?  I don't care if your friend wrote it on the mirror for you.)

Once more, here's "Right Above It":

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  2. I dont giv a fuck abt what anybody has to say abt him! Thats my boo for life!!!

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