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Kings of Leon -- "Molly's Chambers" (2003)

You’ll plead
You’ll get down on your knees
For just another taste
And when 
You think she’s let you in
That’s when she fades away

The Kings of Leon consists of three brothers and a cousin -- all with the last name of Followill.

The Followill boys
The Followill brothers were the sons of a United Pentecostal Church preacher.  (The United Pentecostal Church is a "Oneness" denomination that rejects the traditional Christian concept of the Holy Trinity.)  For much of their childhood, their father was an itinerant preacher who traveled from church to church and revival meeting to revival meeting.  He quit the church when they were teenagers.

The Followills' parents got divorced in 1997, and the two older brothers (Caleb and Nathan) moved to Nashville to break into the rock music world.  RCA Records signed them to a contract and wanted to put a band together for them, but Caleb and Nathan wanted the band to be a family affair.  So they bought Jared a bass guitar (he was 16 at the time) and invited their cousin Matthew (who was 18) join them as well.

"We locked ourselves in the basement with an ounce of marijuana and literally spent a month down there. My mom would bring us food down," Nathan told one interviewer.  At the end of that month, the Kings of Leon had produced four songs for their record label -- including "Molly's Chambers."

I've been a fan of the Kings of Leon since my oldest son bought their first CD, Youth and Young Manhood, which was released in 2003.  They hit it big with their 2008 album, Only by the Night.  The second single from that album, "Use Somebody," won three Grammies, including "Record of the Year."  It was on the Billboard "Hot 100" for 57 weeks.

Last year, a documentary movie about the band was released.  According to one reviewer, Talihina Sky (Talihina is the small town in eastern Oklahoma where their grandfather, Leon Followill, lived) "shows brothers Caleb, Nathan and Jared Followill going from the children of a Pentecostal preacher to conflicted young men to feuding, debauchery-loving rock stars. . . . The movie shows them smoking cigarettes, guzzling whiskey, yelling at each other and vomiting, among other staples of rockumentaries."

Here's the trailer for Talihina Sky.  Not surprisingly, it looks like the father isn't crazy about his sons' lifestyle:

The title of this song come from Thin Lizzy's 1972 hit single, "Whiskey in the Jar," a traditional Irish ballad about a highwayman who is betrayed by his lover -- a woman of "negotiable virtue," according to one commentator -- and ends up in jail.

The final verse of Thin Lizzy's version of the song goes as follows:

Now some men like the fishing
And some men like the fowling
And some men like to hear
The cannonball a-roarin'
Me? I like sleeping
Especially in my Molly's chamber
But here I am in prison
Here I am with a ball and chain
While "Molly's chamber" could simply refer to Molly's bedroom, some people believe that it is a yonic reference.  Why Kings of Leon made the term plural is a good question -- I have no clue.

Here's "Molly's Chambers":

Here's a TV commercial for the VW Jetta that features "Molly's Chambers":

Here's a link you can use to buy the song from Amazon:

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