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Drowning Pool -- "Bodies" (2001)

Nothing wrong with me
Nothing wrong with me
Nothing wrong with me
Nothing wrong with me

Something's got to give
Something's got to give
Something's got to give

Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the flooooor!
Drowning Pool is a metal band from Dallas.  "Bodies" was the first single from Sinner, the band's 2001 debut album, and reached #6 on the Billboard "Mainstream Rock" chart.

"Bodies" is supposedly a favorite of the Hell's Angels, and has been used as a theme song by WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).  It and other Drowning Pool songs have been featured in a number of movies and used as entrance songs by professional athletes.

In 2003, "Bodies" was played repeatedly by Guantanamo Bay interrogators over a 10-day period to stress Mohamedou Ould Slahi, who was alleged to have been an al Qaeda recruiter.

Also in 2003, 19-year-old Josh Cooke murdered his parents while listening to  "Bodies" through his headphones.  Cooke blamed The Matrix for his crime.  From the Boston Globe:

Josh Cooke doesn't remember what he was thinking at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 17, when he went up to his room after eating dinner with his parents.  He remembers what song he was listening to on his headphones -- "Bodies," by metal drones Drowning Pool -- and what he did.  "I just kinda looked over at my 'Matrix' poster," he says, "and then I looked over at my gun."
The 19-year-old donned combat boots and a black jacket -- like Neo, the hero of the 1999 movie and its sequels. He filled his pockets with shotgun shells. Then he picked up the 12-gauge he'd bought because it looked like the one in the poster of his favorite movie, and he marched downstairs. "I guess you know the rest," he says.
When the police arrived at the house on Adel Road in Oakton, Va., just south of D.C., they found Cooke's parents dead in the basement and Cooke waiting calmly in the driveway. And when Cooke was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder, he became the third killer in the United States since the release of the original movie to consider pleading not guilty by reason of "The Matrix." . . .
When Lee Boyd Malvo, teen half of the alleged D.C. sniper duo, goes on trial for murder in Chesapeake, Va., tomorrow, his attorney confirms that he too will weave "The Matrix" into his insanity defense. Malvo told FBI agents that they should "watch 'The Matrix"' if they wanted to understand him, and jailers found lines of dialogue from the film scribbled on paper in his cell. Even the Columbine killers were "Matrix" fans.
The "D.C. Snipers"
Note: the "D.C. sniper duo" killed 10 people and wounded three others over a three-week period in 2002.  Most of the victims were shot within a few miles of my home -- two were at gas stations I've visited, one was waiting for a bus at a shopping center where we buy groceries and Peruvian rotisserie chicken, another was at an arts-and-crafts store we've visited numerous times, and one was at a car dealership where my daughters and I have test-driven cars.

Finally, "Bodies" is featured in a YouTube video posted by Jared Loughner, who has been arrested for murdering six people in Tucson, Arizona, a few days ago.  The video shows Loughner burning an American flag:

Here's the text that accompanied Loughner's video.  I can't make heads or tails of it -- if you can, please let me know what it means.

If there's no flag in the constitution then the flag in the film is unknown. 
There's no flag in the constitution. 
Therefore, the flag in the film is unknown. 
Burn every new and old flag that you see. Burn your flag! 
I bet you can imagine this in your mind with a faster speed. 
Watch this protest in reverse! 
Ask the local police; "What's your illegal activity on duty?". 
If you protest the government then there's a new government from protesting.
There's not a new government from protesting. Thus, you aren't protesting the government. 
There's something important in this video: There's no communication to anyone in this location. 
You shouldn't be afraid of the stars. 
There's a new bird on my right shoulder. The beak is two feet and lime green. The rarest bird on earth, there's no feathers, but small grey scales all over the body. It's with one large red eye with a light blue iris. The bird feet are the same as a woodpecker. This new bird and there's only one, the gender is not female or male. The wings of this bird are beautiful; 3 feet wide with the shape of a bald eagle that you could die for. If you can see this bird then you will understand. You think this bird is able to chat about a government? 
I want you to imagine a comet or meteoroid coming through the atmosphere. 
On the other hand, welcome yourself to the desert: Maybe your ability to protest is from the brainwash of the current government structure.
Here's a link to Loughner's YouTube channel.  In addition to the "Bodies" video, he has uploaded five other videos that consist mostly of printed text.  He talks a lot about currency and "conscience dreaming."  (It appears that he means "conscious dreaming.")

Here's one of those videos:

Here is Drowning Pool's "Bodies":

Here's a link you can use to buy the song from iTunes:

Bodies - Sinner

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